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RAND Machine's Standard Sheaves are machined from extremely wear-resistant UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene. This is a lightweight and cost-efficient manufacturing material which offers reduced friction and longer life in comparison to other materials.

Properties of UHMW include:
good chemical and moisture resistance
continuous working temperature range of -22° to 180°F
superior dielectric characteristics
high stress and crack resistance
shatter resistance
noise-damping characteristics
heat and cold resistance

UHMW provides very good impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. It has excellent electrical properties and exhibits very good impact resistance. UHMW is RAND's most popular material, mainly due to its inherent lubricity and low coefficient of friction.

Color: off-white
Temperature range: -22° to 180° F

Following are some of RAND's most popular custom materials. We also offer aluminum, hard-coated anodized or ceramic-coat aluminum, steel, stainless steel, D-2 tool steel (hardened) 4140-Ht annealed material and plasma nitride steel.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
HDPE is very similar to UHMW and works well in coated, clean or insulated wire applications. It is generally a less expensive option.

Color: off-white
Temperature range: -180° to 160° F

Ceram-P (Filled UHMW)
Ceram-P incorporates ceramic particles with standard UHMW. Together, they form a superior material that is one of the most abrasion-resistant options available in today's market.

Color: lime green
Temperature range: -20° to 180° F

Nylon (Polyamide)
Polyamide is a self-lubricating, general-purpose nylon that offers outstanding wear and abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance and low friction.

Color: off-white
Temperature range: -40° to 190° F

Nylatron — GS
Nylatron is molybdenum disulphide-filled 6/6 nylon. Benefits include excellent wear resistance, low surface friction and high strength and rigidity.

Color: black
Temperature range: -40° to 210° F

Delrin (Black & White)
Delrin provides excellent wear resistance and also resists fuels and solvents.

Color: white or black
Temperature range: -20° to 180° F

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